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In honor of the IPL’s upcoming 15th birthday at March 17, 2010, the IPL will be launching the IPL 15 Things – introducing 15 of our favorite online technologies, with background information, best practices, related readings, examples of how the IPL is using the technology, and hands-on exercises. Explore our first of 15 “Things,” Blogging, and take the 15 Things Challenge!


Another Library Minute

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My Infoquest and The Handheld Librarian

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The time is approaching…MyInfoquest will launch on July 20th.  We currently have 36 libraries participating in this collaborative text reference service.  The advisory committee and subcommittees have been meeting regularly and working hard.

This project is a pilot project slated to run through December, 2009.  We are working on securing funding to continue the service.  One of the ways that we are doing this is through an upcoming conference “The Handheld Librarian.”  This is a one-day, virtual conference offering presentations on a wide variety of topics.

Please take a look at the conference site – the attendance fee is more than reasonable and you are supporting a groundbreaking library service by attending!

Information Literacy and Social Literacy

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As a librarian and someone who works with LIS students, I work to promote information literacy all the time.  Working with The Internet Public Library and our email reference service, Ask an IPL Librarian, this is one part of our mission and vision.  I believe that this is one of the fundamental roles of librarians.  However, a new role has emerged, and we now must also promote social literacy.

A great example of doing this is presented by Joe Murphy and Heather Mouliason.  Social Networking Literacy Competencies for Librarians presents a number of skill sets for librarians and social networking.  Another example, a blog post titled 10 ways library schools should be teaching social media, by Daniel Hooker, also supports social literacy with future librarians.

We are working on our own social presence and  literacy efforts at the IPL as well.  I look forward to working with students, instructors and patrons in this exciting area, while still holding true to the value and mission of enhancing information literacy.

What do you think?

Public Access Technologies (PATs)

Posted in Information,of interest,Technology by millerlibrarian on June 21, 2009

After reading the article Public Access Technologies in Public Libraries:  Effects and Implications in Information Technology and Libraries, a few things stood out to me.  I have been a big proponent of PATs, but this article makes me step back and think of the effects and implications on public libraries.

In exploring the current and ever evolving tools used on the Internet, it is important to think about the many ways in which this impacts all parts of our libraries, from staff to hardware/software to services.  I get very excited about talking about and teaching people new tools and tricks in and for library settings, but realize that it is important to consider the longer term implications of this.

I think that the best way to do this is to put it out there – Yes, we will need continued, maybe even increased, tech support;  Yes, we will need to think about connectivity issues;  Yes, we will need to think about staff time and effort.  So, OK let’s plan for it – and not just financial planning.  Collaborative planning – how can we work together within library systems; who can we include and count on as part of the team; how do we successfully deal with external and internal pressures.

I guess what I’m saying is that I realize better that it is a two part message that I hope to continue to share:  Here are some really great tools and resources to use at your library and with your users AND here is what you need to think about and plan for in advance.  Do I have the answers, no of course not, but problems don’t go away if you don’t bring them up.  We need to face and tackle these effects and implications – so, let’s do it!

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Twitter during conferences

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I read the article on How People are using Twitter during Conferences and I just wanted to share some comments.  I participate in this practice, so I was intrigued by the article title and wanted to read more.  What I read were some great points about Twitter and its use in general.

Many of us already tweet to share news, post status updates and carry on conversations.  The twitter platform is easy, fun and flexible.  One thing that I really liked about this article were the ideas of creating learning relationships.  This is a great addition to the social and/or personal relationships on twitter.  Recently, I followed posts on three tweeps that met up and had a great time.  There was a follow up question on how many of your twitter friends have you met f2f.  For me, this number is very low, and I met them after our twitter follows.  How great is it to have this type of connecting force at our fingertips!

I also liked the idea of informal learning – which many of us experience everyday through twitter.  Through networking and conversations we foster an environment that allows us to grow personally and professionally.  I really think that this is incredibly enhanced when it comes to conferences.  I use twitter to share information at conferences and even meetings.  I do it, as many others do, to share information with those that could not attend; to keep info on certain key points; to connect and converse with others at the conference; etc.  One example of this led to my meeting Joe Murphy at the REFolution 2009 conference.  We were among some of the few public tweeters and shared info and met f2f at the conference.

For conference planners and organizers, I think that it is a great idea to create and share hashtags for conference goers.  It facilitates community before, during and after the conference.  It also allows for many to pick up bits of information that they might miss by not being able to attend the conference.

I use one twitter name for professional and personal tweets, although my personal tweets are less frequent.  I’m not sure why…  I also try to comment or reply to others in an attempt to foster communication and connections.  I feel a pretty solid connection to many of my twitter friends.

So, I just wanted to share some thoughts triggered by this article.  The idea of twitter as a backchannel for conferences is a good one, in my opinion.  The 3 identified areas of organizational enhancements, information sharing and building conference communities are good ones!

What do you think?

InfoQuest Project with Alliance Library System

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I admit it – I actually read the postings to the various listservs that I subscribe to.  Although there are many, the information and opportunities shared are worth it!  This is how I came across the InfoQuest project, initiated by Lori Bell, from the Alliance Library System.  This project is a collaborative multi-type text-based reference service project.   It is a partnership with the Alliance Library System, the School of Library & Information Science of San Jose State University, TAP Information Services, and Altarama.  There are currently 25 libraries (and 2 personal volunteers – where I come in!).

Participating libraries will agree to staff the collaborative service for two hours a week; attend online training sessions and planning meetings; market the service within their communities, and provide feedback about the service. Customizable training and promotional materials will be provided. Librarians will not be using a cell phone to provide service; they will log into a project website or project email address to receive and provide answers to questions. (information from the SCRLC blog)

I am very excited about this project.  It is an amazing opportunity to work with and experience the collective effort of public, academic and other libraries in an attempt to meet users where they are at, using an access method that is continuously increasing.  This type of community effort is truly exciting to be part of and a model to be followed!

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The World Digital Library

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PLNs and Social Media Analytics

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Two interesting topics that I have decided to group together – there is a strong connection between the two.  I had not thought of either of these terms/concepts and now cannot stop thinking of them!  I learned of PLNs (Professional or Personal Learning Networks) from a post by Joyce Valenza in SLJ.  I have been building up my PLN and have learned SO much – I only hope to pay it forward.

Enter into this Social Media Analytics.  Most of our PLNs include a large variety of social sharing.  Well, time to start learning more about our current connections (and hopefully create more!).  I am interested in tracking social media analytics to learn more about my PLNs and those not included yet.  For instance, Where are my professional connections coming from? What topics are most common or interesting to them?

As WordPress user’s know, we have fantastic stats and tracking options available.  So, now to begin exploring my options with SM analytics.  My next steps:  setting my tracking goal(s) and then exploring tools and metrics.  More to come on this…

What do you think?

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