Information Literacy and Social Literacy

Posted in Education,Information,of interest by millerlibrarian on June 24, 2009

As a librarian and someone who works with LIS students, I work to promote information literacy all the time.  Working with The Internet Public Library and our email reference service, Ask an IPL Librarian, this is one part of our mission and vision.  I believe that this is one of the fundamental roles of librarians.  However, a new role has emerged, and we now must also promote social literacy.

A great example of doing this is presented by Joe Murphy and Heather Mouliason.  Social Networking Literacy Competencies for Librarians presents a number of skill sets for librarians and social networking.  Another example, a blog post titled 10 ways library schools should be teaching social media, by Daniel Hooker, also supports social literacy with future librarians.

We are working on our own social presence and  literacy efforts at the IPL as well.  I look forward to working with students, instructors and patrons in this exciting area, while still holding true to the value and mission of enhancing information literacy.

What do you think?


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