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Posted in Information,of interest by millerlibrarian on June 7, 2009

I read the article on How People are using Twitter during Conferences and I just wanted to share some comments.  I participate in this practice, so I was intrigued by the article title and wanted to read more.  What I read were some great points about Twitter and its use in general.

Many of us already tweet to share news, post status updates and carry on conversations.  The twitter platform is easy, fun and flexible.  One thing that I really liked about this article were the ideas of creating learning relationships.  This is a great addition to the social and/or personal relationships on twitter.  Recently, I followed posts on three tweeps that met up and had a great time.  There was a follow up question on how many of your twitter friends have you met f2f.  For me, this number is very low, and I met them after our twitter follows.  How great is it to have this type of connecting force at our fingertips!

I also liked the idea of informal learning – which many of us experience everyday through twitter.  Through networking and conversations we foster an environment that allows us to grow personally and professionally.  I really think that this is incredibly enhanced when it comes to conferences.  I use twitter to share information at conferences and even meetings.  I do it, as many others do, to share information with those that could not attend; to keep info on certain key points; to connect and converse with others at the conference; etc.  One example of this led to my meeting Joe Murphy at the REFolution 2009 conference.  We were among some of the few public tweeters and shared info and met f2f at the conference.

For conference planners and organizers, I think that it is a great idea to create and share hashtags for conference goers.  It facilitates community before, during and after the conference.  It also allows for many to pick up bits of information that they might miss by not being able to attend the conference.

I use one twitter name for professional and personal tweets, although my personal tweets are less frequent.  I’m not sure why…  I also try to comment or reply to others in an attempt to foster communication and connections.  I feel a pretty solid connection to many of my twitter friends.

So, I just wanted to share some thoughts triggered by this article.  The idea of twitter as a backchannel for conferences is a good one, in my opinion.  The 3 identified areas of organizational enhancements, information sharing and building conference communities are good ones!

What do you think?


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  1. I often twitter from conferences when they have wifi and I use a separate twitter name do it. I tell my regular feed that I am using my confbaldgeek handle from a conference and they can follow conference proceedings that way. I find this easier than liveblogging a conference session since I want to make it a well crafted post and I cannot do that when at a conference.

    • millerlibrarian said,

      I just might try this. My FriendFeed goes to my Facebook account. One person mentioned the annoyance of increased tweets when conferencing and said that if she wanted to follow twitter, she would. After thinking about this, I posted to my FB page and asked my other friends what their opinions were. Most found the info useful, so it still feeds. But, I like your conf acct idea – esp for ALA! Thanks!

  2. I haven’t done much twittering at conference as it’s generally all I can do to take good notes on my laptop and run from one meeting/program to the next. I have a feeling that people with iphones have an easier time of it. (Are you an iphone conference twitterer?) Now that I have tweetdeck, and inspired by your post, I think I’ll give conference twittering a shot at ALA this summer!

  3. millerlibrarian said,

    I do it while taking notes. I use my netbook to keep notes, and when I think that there is something worth shouting out, I just copy and paste it as a tweet. 🙂

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