True Confessions of a tech gadget addict…

Posted in of interest,Technology by millerlibrarian on June 2, 2009

I am a tech gadget addict – there I’ve said it.  I love to hear about and play with new gadgets.  I thought that I would list some of these and tell a bit about why I got them and what I like about them.

USB modem:  Probably the best investment I’ve made.  Now, this is not an extravagance for me.  I work completely virtually, so I need to be able to connect at all times.  There have been several occasions at home where that has been an “issue” with my ISP and I just plug in my modem and I’m all set.  This is also really useful because it seems that most hotels charge for Internet use.  Additionally, college campuses require an id to log on to wifi, and you can’t always count on it at conference locations.

Netbook:  A gift for Valentine’s Day!  It is perfect for conferences and meetings.  It is small enough to fit in a small bag and has just enough juice and power to keep notes and stay connected during meetings and conferences.  The size and power are ideal for this purpose.

Blackberry:  OK, first – MORE APPS PLEASE.  I love my BB – it allows me to be mobile and active with my kids and family and also be available for email and chat (for work).  A recent obsession has been the camera – I am finally taking full advantage of it and uploading directly to flickr.  Recent comment from hubby – “you even have flash!”  Why, yes, yes I do! Added info:  forgot to mention GPS and Google Maps/Mobile apps!

Laptop/PC:  My laptop is great for mobility at home.  I can move around the house to be near my kids or away from them 🙂  It’s got a good graphics card, not huge, but still useful.  My PC is strictly for work.  It is useful as well for connecting at times when I can’t seem to get there with my laptop, or for big work!

Smartpen:  due to arrive today!  I will share soon…Update:  There is something a little strange about a pen that talks!  On a serious note – this is a really useful gadget.  Although I am still going through the learning curve (always it seems with new tech), it seems that it is just a matter of taking a bit of time to sit and learn and go through functions.

(felt I had to include, I’m not endorsing or promoting anything – just sharing!)

So, there are my thoughts.  Now that I am down one job, I may have to slow down 😦 but I have enough to keep me techie for now!

BTW:  didn’t even touch gaming…Our house = PS3, PSP and Wii…  Just got Wii fit and Wii Active!

What do you think?


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