On staying relevant

Posted in of interest by millerlibrarian on May 31, 2009

So, over the past week, I have heard or read at least 5 variations of the idea “technology is for the young people.”  Frankly, it stuns me.  Technology is for anyone who wants it.  You can’t break it (for long), you can’t lose it (for long), the worst that can happen:  you don’t like it – so don’t use it.  BUT, if you want to be and stay relevant, you need to let the above idea go…

I am no youngster:  I am not a senior:  I am a self taught technology user.  Why?  To be relevant – relevant to ideas, groups, communities, libraries, librarians, etc.  I live in a rural community, but guess what – we have farmers that use technology for crop information, seniors who use it for ebay, kids who use it for, well, whatever is hot in the kid world at the moment.

In terms of libraries and librarians, I heard a very interesting concept during the Conversants keynote.   Why does it seem to be a given that we make new (often young, but not always)  LIS grads the tech or innovation people?  Well, I think that the above idea has a lot to do with it.  However, LIS programs do not all have a tech focus.  Why not partner up new and vets?  Take a chance…

If you’re reading this, you obviously use technology.  How many times have you heard the idea?


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