Educational change

Posted in of interest by millerlibrarian on May 21, 2009

I attended a webcast today on Blended Librarianship: Becoming an Educational Change Agent, part of a series of webcasts from the Blended Librarian Group.   As I thought about it after, something struck me. The presenters mentioned Active Learning, which is very important – perhaps now, more then ever, in our virtual environment with the increase of distance learning. I think that this is crucial, but then, I am an active learner. What struck me as I thought about this more is the idea of Active Teaching. What better way to elicit Active Learning than with Active Teaching.

What do I mean by Active Teaching? Well, taking an active part in instruction.   Using as many effective means of course and content delivery as possible – trying, seeing what works and doesn’t, and trying again. Actively working with IT; actively inviting YOUR librarians to classes. With distance learning in particular, I can think of nothing better than inviting YOUR librarians into class – maybe to give an orientation to the library or to share and promote tips on best practices or current trends related to students’ and instructors’ own library.

It seems that Active Teaching + Active Learning = Educational Change


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