7 Dangerous words: We have always done it that way

Posted in of interest by millerlibrarian on May 8, 2009

Have you? Don’t want to admit it? Then it’s time to change!

Change the way you think…

Yes, the economy is bad. Yes, budgets are being cut or even eliminated.  Instead of focusing on this, focus on what you have.  Focus on shifting existing resources.  Focus on being creative.

Change the way you serve…

Have an idea for a program – act on it.   Have a service that isn’t being used – promote it or re-brand it.  Have a voice – use it.

Change the way you act…

Act as an advocate.  Act as a professional.  Act as someone willing to listen.  Act as someone who will promote change.

Change is hard.  But, change is necessary.  In order to be relevant and remain essential, there are some things that must change with time and need.  We cannot be afraid of getting in trouble (which might happen) or taking a risk (which can be exhilarating).  Do something that you haven’t done today!

What do you think?


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