InfoQuest Project with Alliance Library System

Posted in Information,of interest,Technology by millerlibrarian on May 5, 2009

I admit it – I actually read the postings to the various listservs that I subscribe to.  Although there are many, the information and opportunities shared are worth it!  This is how I came across the InfoQuest project, initiated by Lori Bell, from the Alliance Library System.  This project is a collaborative multi-type text-based reference service project.   It is a partnership with the Alliance Library System, the School of Library & Information Science of San Jose State University, TAP Information Services, and Altarama.  There are currently 25 libraries (and 2 personal volunteers – where I come in!).

Participating libraries will agree to staff the collaborative service for two hours a week; attend online training sessions and planning meetings; market the service within their communities, and provide feedback about the service. Customizable training and promotional materials will be provided. Librarians will not be using a cell phone to provide service; they will log into a project website or project email address to receive and provide answers to questions. (information from the SCRLC blog)

I am very excited about this project.  It is an amazing opportunity to work with and experience the collective effort of public, academic and other libraries in an attempt to meet users where they are at, using an access method that is continuously increasing.  This type of community effort is truly exciting to be part of and a model to be followed!

What do you think?


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