PLNs and Social Media Analytics

Posted in Information,of interest,Technology by millerlibrarian on April 27, 2009

Two interesting topics that I have decided to group together – there is a strong connection between the two.  I had not thought of either of these terms/concepts and now cannot stop thinking of them!  I learned of PLNs (Professional or Personal Learning Networks) from a post by Joyce Valenza in SLJ.  I have been building up my PLN and have learned SO much – I only hope to pay it forward.

Enter into this Social Media Analytics.  Most of our PLNs include a large variety of social sharing.  Well, time to start learning more about our current connections (and hopefully create more!).  I am interested in tracking social media analytics to learn more about my PLNs and those not included yet.  For instance, Where are my professional connections coming from? What topics are most common or interesting to them?

As WordPress user’s know, we have fantastic stats and tracking options available.  So, now to begin exploring my options with SM analytics.  My next steps:  setting my tracking goal(s) and then exploring tools and metrics.  More to come on this…

What do you think?


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