Thoughts on the Wired Technology Forum

Posted in of interest by millerlibrarian on April 18, 2009

I’m disappointed that I missed this:  The Chronicle Technology Forum.  I found the article How Social Networking Affects the Student Life Cycle – From Applicant to Graduate to be very interesting.  Quite honestly though, I think that the idea of …hearing firsthand evidence of anonymous calls to the admissions office that maybe prospective students’ character is not compatible with the values of our institution and that we should check out a Facebook site goes beyond what is necessary or appropriate.  Students, individuals in fact, should not be judged or evaluated on their Facebook information.  I know that this is  obviously not the only or even a significant criteria, but in my opinion, it should not even be an option.

I am also familiar with the practice of creating ones own brand – yet, should we also not be a part of promoting and shaping that brand?  It is our job and privilege, frankly, to support students in determining their brand – through guidance, learning, knowledge, etc.

The area and practice of social networking is just that – social.  There are various platforms for various persona’s and many are learning and adjusting their uses and information on these networks.  I, myself, am trying to figure out a balance between professional and personal networking.  The concept and practice of these issues make for good discussion and consideration!

What do you think?


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