Conversants update

Posted in of interest by millerlibrarian on April 16, 2009

Today is the first deadline for submissions to the Conversants Online Conference/Conversation; however we will be accepting new program ideas throughout the duration of the conference, which is anticipated to last through mid-summer.

We have already lined up sessions in gaming, assessment, and case studies in participatory contexts. We will also be working with SLA, METRO, and LITA to provide events as part of their unconference and library camp activities. If you are hosting an event coming up and want to have a discussion about participatory librarianship as part of it, we can provide materials and ideas.

Many thanks to the folks who have volunteered to host conversations as part of the conference. We are going to have some great discussions! Special thanks to ALA for working on getting us space at ALA annual for the hybrid event.

R. David Lankes, Associate Professor in Syracuse University’s iSchool and Executive Director of the Information Institute of Syracuse, will be recording the conference keynote on April 28th in Syracuse. If you are in the area and want to attend, let us know.

Special thanks to the Central New York Library Resources Council (CLRC) for coordinating the event. If you are interested in hosting a live Q&A based on the keynote (at any time), please send us an email. Please note that we have put up a blog—http://conversants.syr.edu/blog—to keep you up-to-date on new developments. Below is additional information on the kind of sessions we are looking for.

If you have any questions or would like to submit a proposal, please email the Conversants facilitators at conversants@gmail.com .

• Papers Description: We are seeking submissions of traditional long-form papers for publication in Conversants, an online open-access journal. These papers will use CommentPress to allow participants to comment upon and discuss the paper on a paragraph-by-paragraph basis.

Format: MSWord or equivalent, RTF, HTML

• Events Description: We are also seeking time- and/or place-based events that can be archived and shared. Examples might include a SecondLife presentation, which can archived as a streaming video and shared with participants, or a podcast of a workshop or discussion that took place at a physical library.

Format: URL of publicly shared video or podcast, presentation or event

• Cases Description: Do you have an example of something that you did at your library that worked really well? Or that flopped spectacularly? Share your experience with your fellow Conversants! Creativity in format is encouraged.

Format: Open, but should be publicly available

• Posters Description: Present your research, tackle an idea or controversial topic, or present conflicting viewpoints of a current event. Everyone is welcome to submit poster proposals, but library students are especially encouraged to participate at this level.

Format: PDF, jpeg image

• Links Description: Links to blog postings, open Facebook posts, etc., that will carry a conference badge.

Format: URL of publicly available website

• Conversation Topics Description: Topic ideas for “water cooler” threaded conversations. Proposals should include an overview of the topic, starter questions, and a core of at least 5 people to seed/start conversation.

Format: Email containing this information

As ideas are proposed and accepted, we’ll update the conference hub with that information. The conference will begin on April 28 with the keynote then continue into the summer. Events that are tied to specific dates can occur at anytime. Some virtual events/discussions may also be time-bounded.

We hope, though that conversations about participatory libraries will continues throughout the conference period in many ways and in many formats.

Please send Proposal submissions offers to: conversants@gmail.com

For Proposal Submission, please include “Proposal for Conversants” in the subject. We look forward to the conversations that will occur as part of this event!


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