What I’m doing and why I LOVE it!

Posted in of interest by millerlibrarian on April 13, 2009

Multitasker – yes.  Overachiever – maybe.  Crazy – definitely!  Aren’t we all a little bit?  I wanted to share a bit about what I am working on and where my thoughts come from.

The Journal of Web Librarianship – review contributor.  I just submitted my first review on the monograph series Knowledge Management in Practice:  Connections and Context.  This was a great experience, although I am a bit nervous about it.  Will it be acceptable, did I do the book justice?  Time will tell…

ALISE – working on a website audit – I will submit a proposal for review based on membership surveys. (in just a few days, yikes!)

ASIS&T – recently reviewed  contributed papers.

Conversants – lucky to be part of the team with R. David Lankes (yes, The R. David Lankes!!) in planning and presenting this conference on Participatory Librarianship.  Will attend my first ALA conference in order to help with the hybrid event.

UNYSLA – the new PR Chair.  I will attend the Spring meeting (check it out!) and attend my first Board meeting. I’m very excited to be part of my state chapter.

Alliance Library System – participating in a consortium effort to launch a SMS text service.

Hmmm – think that’s everything (oh, right my job as Researcher in Distance Education for the Internet Public Library!).  I am so grateful to our profession – I have met so many wonderful people who help to facilitate a love of lifelong learning and give librarians and information professionals the opportunity to learn and contribute to our amazing field.  Rock on!!


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  1. lindyjb said,

    Wow! I would like to have some of that coffee you’re drinking! 😉

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