Some thoughts and questions

Posted in of interest by millerlibrarian on April 9, 2009

I’ve been thinking of some things lately and decided to share and ask for input.  I attended the REFolution (my first post!) and had an opportunity to share some thoughts with colleagues and below are a few things that I’ve been thinking about:

Distance Learning Orientation

Are we providing the same orientation opportunities for distance students.  Think of the traditional on-campus orientation for higher ed:  tour, explanation of services, introductions, library tour, etc.  Do we provide this for our distance students or do we assume that they will discover these things on their own, based on the nature of the environment?  In a personal effort to facilitate this, I am hoping to soon become an Alumni Ambassador for Drexel University.

What do you think about our collective efforts for distance students?

Social networking

I’m an avid social networker.  Based on my work environment, this is the way that I connect and network with others in my profession.  I’ve recently been thinking about separate accounts:  FB for social vs. professional networking, Twitter posts and feeds, etc.  How do you use your networks?

Social Networking in college classes

There are many more colleges and classes integrating social networks into classes to connect with students and share information.  FB seems to be a very popular network for this – is this beneficial or do students feel that combining the two is inappropriate?


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