Conference goes and woes…

Posted in of interest by millerlibrarian on March 30, 2009

Ok, so I am not the most experienced conference goer.  I have attended a handful of conferences in person and a few virtual conferences.  So, I’m pretty much a noob.  However, I do think that there are things that could be seriously utilized to share the info with the virtual community in the wings (pay or play).  Like at the Oscars, there is the main show, but there is also the red carpet and some behind the scenes stuff.  So, can’t some of our conferences rock out some red carpet flash and give us virtual voyeurs a little bit of show?

My ideas:

Offer us a specialized Virtual version – yes, for money!  Not the full blown Oscars, but some red carpet, late-night talk show recaps that are still useful.  Specialized, short versions of information presented at the conference – during the same times as the conference.

( PLA did a really great job of this in 2008)

Ustream – give us a glimpse

Podcasts – share some talk

Twitter scribes (shout out to Joyce Valenza and Terry Freedman)

Various other opps that I know I’m missing!  I know that this would take a bit of work, but hey, we could do it, right?


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