Technology – what kind of tech user are you?

Posted in Technology by millerlibrarian on March 26, 2009

Let’s face it – more and more people are on their cells and the Web every day.  Socializing, fast-tracking, collaborating.  According to a Pew study, examining American adults’ gadgets and services, their activities and their attitudes toward technology, there are “Internet Typologies.”

One group, “Ambivalent Networkers” particularly interests me because my husband (although a bit over the late 20s, shh) is one of these.  I live with proof that with handheld device at the ready, Ambivalent Networkers are the most frequent cell phone texters of any group.  They stay in touch with their family and friends and gather intelligence about what is going on in the world.  I am constantly saying “why don’t you just call them?”  Yet, I think about this now, and have to laugh.  I work at my computer, so chatting and email is my evil!  I am what Pew calls a Digital Collaborator – one who can almost always get access to the Internet, whether that is with an “always on” broadband connection or with an “always present” mobile device.

What kind of Tech User are you – take the quiz!


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